Who’s writing this nonsense?

  1. I'm Rob. 

  2. I live in Philadelphia.

  3. I'm a husband and a dad.

  4. I like writing in numbered lists.

  5. This is my 17th year in education.

  6. I eat a kale salad for lunch everyday, and when I eat pizza, I struggle to not eat it all.

  7. I've been a teacher, a central office literacy director, and now serve as a principal.

  8. I write about an education phenomenon I call "The Achievement Plateau." My writing here reflects my own views, not the views of my employer(s).

  9. I currently like exercising, minimalism, holding my breath, and taking walks with my son.

  10. I believe public education is a tool for equity, and right now our public education system is failing the most vulnerable students, and it needs to be better.

  11. I really like writing with dashes -- and I won't hesitate to use them.

  12. I'm fascinated by the Fibonacci Sequence.

  13. I aim for 13 bullets/post because 13 is my lucky number, a Fibonacci number, and perhaps the most important amendment.

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Why have we plateaued nationally in education? And how can we fix it?


I'm Rob. I'm a principal, dad, husband, and maybe a writer. I'm here to figure out why we've plateaued nationally in education -- and how we can get better.